The Singles Bar: Voth take a swim in the ‘Sweetest Regret’

Sometimes, the end of a relationship can flash before your eyes like a vision in the midnight hour. Its charcoal embers cast off a faintly orange glow, potent and thrilling, and you stoke the scorched ash in the hopes it’ll reignite somehow, someway. But it’s an act of desperate vanity. When you can muster up the willingness to accept the reality that’d bite your neck if it were a snake, you can come to terms with the pain, which quakes through your ribcage with monstrous force. A sibling quartet out of Tulsa, Voth wax poetic about such a dying connection on “Sweetest Regret,” mournful harmony weaving in and out of their teardrops with a production that thinly veils the truth.

“She hits you like a shot of whiskey / Bring you down like a sunset / She’s my sweetest regret,” the first chorus rings out in clear, metallic echoes. The Americana troupe, made up of Caleb Voth (guitar, vocals), Hannah Voth (vocals), Cody Voth (vocals) and Jacob Voth (drums), stands tall in the aftermath, despite the smoke swallowing their bodies whole. The darkness fills their lungs and injects their vocals with a gnarled but smoothly caramel texture. “Looking back now, I didn’t want you / But now I need you / You’re my sweetest regret,” they later surmise on the bridge, allowing the acoustic guitar to claw its way through the misery in fragile sweeps. The simplicity in their lyric plants them directly in the path of emotional destruction, so there’s little wonder why they’ve begun picking up gallons of streams on Spotify.

“Sweetest Regret” follows on the heels of three other singles this year, including “American Rebels” and “I I Choose Us.” The band is eyeing a swath of more music in the new year.

Caleb Voth