If you didn't know, Oklahoma — and specifically the city of Tulsa — is having a musical explosion of late. Artists are fleeing the rising high cost of living music hubs like Austin and Nashville and heading into the thriving Tulsa neighborhoods. Not the case for the alternative country four-piece group of siblings, VOTH; they were raised there . . . it’s where their roots are planted and where they polished their soaring harmonies for the first wave of singles released in 2018.

VOTHCaleb Voth (guitar/vocals), Hannah Voth (vocals), Cody Voth (vocals), Jacob Voth (drums) — just released their latest single, "Sweetest Regret,” which showcases the group’s finely-etched harmonies and detailed songwriting. The song comes on the heels of three additional singles they put out this year; “I Choose Us,” their most popular single with over 100,000 Spotify streams since it’s August release, “American Rebels” and “Boot Stomp.” Wide Open Country has come forward with praise for VOTH saying, “Voth straddles the line between Americana and gospel on their new song — ‘I Choose Us’ leverages the group's genetic foundation to wrap the whole song in gorgeous harmonies. The tune also does an excellent job of exploring dynamic range, going from downtrodden to soaring and back again in a matter of bars.”

The quartet of siblings developed the group in an organic turn of events. “I have been writing songs for about six years now,” says VOTH’s primary writer, Caleb. “It sounds so typical, but it all started in my college dorm room. I decided to share some of the songs with the family. It was pretty soon after that that we all thought, ‘this stuff would sound pretty good on a recording.’ With our parents being pastors, we grew up singing songs in the church as early as we can remember. Singing together has always just been second nature for us.” In the songs, you can hear inspiration being utilized from their love of Little Big Town, and most recently, Midland's nostalgic honkytonk sound.

With the stylistic diversity in the country music genre today, VOTH aimed to stretch out their musical pallet with their first four singles. “I knew that we could have some artistic freedom to play around under that large umbrella to create a sound for ourselves,” says Caleb. On “American Rebels,” which has over 75,000 Spotify streams, the group highlights an adept ability to write anthemic, stadium-sized tunes. “It's funny how ‘American Rebels’ came about, notes Caleb. “I was at the Rodeo Houston with my brother and some friends. The moment we walked into the stadium, the lights came on and I had an epiphany that we would be playing there someday. I sat down in the stands among all the noise and chaos, pulled out my phone, turned on the recorder and wrote the chorus for ‘American Rebels’ - purposely for a stadium feel.” A couple hours later, Caleb got back to his buddy's trailer (who was in the rodeo that night), picked up a guitar and finished the song.

The slow-tempoed numbers, like “Sweetest Regret” and “I Choose Us,” seem to flow out of Caleb’s muse more easily than the barn-burner uptempo songs. With ballads, “the human heart is so tied up in emotion, so it feels natural to write songs about life, love and heartache,” advises Caleb. “Sometimes I have to put a little more effort into the fast ones.”

Once ideas are drafted out in rough song demos, it then becomes a family affair. “Cody and Hannah are brilliant when it comes to harmonies and finding ways to blend all of our vocals together,” says Caleb. “Cody, in my opinion, brings a smooth sound to VOTH. His ability to hear harmonies and write harmonies is phenomenal. Hannah brings in lots of creativity when it comes to the writing process now. She's brilliant with hooks, melodies and song arrangements. Jacob is the anchor on the drums. He's also an amazing writer, but just hasn't put it down to music yet.”

Family is everything for the Voths and when it comes to overcoming life’s hurdles, it’s something they know a bit too well. Jacob used to have a heroin addiction and was told he would never be able to play drums again due to an overdose years ago. “He flat lined and was told that he would never be the same,” underscores Caleb. “Now he is sober, married and is an ultra-marathon runner. He just completed a 50-mile race. Playing music for him is a daily reminder of where he was and where he is now. If he can do it, anyone can.”

VOTH is excited to keep writing, recording and releasing music. It’s brought these Okie-proud kin closer together than they’ve ever been as they explore new elements of life through melody and harmony. The group is currently in the studio recording in their Tulsa hometown when not out on the road performing and say their growing fan base can expect more music to come in 2019.

- Mike Gowen, Milestone Publicity